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These are a few of the in-store brands that are currently available online. We will update this page as we continue to bring more of our in-store brands online.

66°30 is a comprehensive line of Organic cosmetic products that are effective, practical and specifically tailored to suit the essential needs of the modern, confident man. This award-winning French company, named after the angle of inclination of the Earth from which the seasons originate, is focused on actively supporting initiatives that promote eco-innovative urban action (Project Urban Organic Awards). All of the products created by 66°30 are Organic certified by Ecocert and Cosmebio. Proud recipient of:

  • Best Emerging Brand (Beyond Beauty Paris, September 2009)
  • Best Organic Brand (Beyond Beauty Paris, September 2010)
  • Grand Prix Stratagie 2010 de la Meilleure Creation de Nom de Marque (Best Brand Creation) at the Espace Pierre Cardin in Paris.

ALBUM DI FAMIGLIA is the undisputed pioneer of relaxed and sophisticated wear. Designed by Monica Rusconi, this minimalist brand perfectly tailors dreamy signature fabrics into cozy and practical clothes for ultimate comfort. Items currently only available in-store, soon to be available online.

Based out of Amsterdam (Netherlands), ALCHEMIST combines high fashion with an ethical lifestyle. As a member of MADE-BY, they are committed to make sustainable fashion common practice and to improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry.

Based in the Trentino region, in one of Italy's best natural mountain paradises, BIO A+O.E. offers a professional line of certified Organic hair treatment products. This innovative brand only uses bio-dynamically grown flowers and plants that are craftily blended with the highest quality standard of raw materials and distilled pure mountain water to deliver an effective, luxurious and healthy alternative to chemical hair products. All formulas are Eco Cert and ICEA certified and the lab carries both ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environment waste management) certifications. Items currently only available in-store, soon to be available online.

CÂLINESSE is a luxury Organic skin care line for women and babies that is based on donkey milk expertly blended with renowned Organic plant extracts that make use of the latest innovative green technologies. The name of this Swiss Organic cosmetics brand symbolizes a gentle hug, caress and love. All products crafted by CÂLINESSE are Organic certified by Ecocert and Cosmebio and are sealed by the Swiss Coss Guarantee label. The company's range of products for baby is comprised of four certified Organic products that are free of alcohol, perfume and parabens.

French crafted, CITIZEN BIO creates all-natural, luxurious art soaps based on certified Organic vegetable oils are enriched with certified Organic Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax and Rice Powder and are guaranteed not to contain parabens, EDTA, phthalate, or phenoxyethanol. Contemporary looks are inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau motifs. These ethically-produced art soaps are elegantly presented in recycled paper boxes.

With a mission to provide the most comfortable sleep possible, DAITOU SHINGU has been making 100% cotton bedding and wear since 1925. Every item in the collection is made by hand using traditional Japanese techniques and dyed with natural dyes and no bleaching or chemical processing. The results is super soft, all-natural bedding and sleepwear that soothe you into the best sleep of your life.

Based out of a protected area within the mysterious Angevin region in France, LES DOUCES ANGEVINES has developed a unique line of precious cosmeto-fluids that naturally boost, protect and regenerate the skin renewal process. These 100% organic certified beauty elixirs are a highly refined combination of pure oils, essential oils of woods and resins, and dynamised fresh flower and plant macerations that are handcrafted in small quantities following ancient knowledge and tested recipes. LES DOUCES ANGEVINES was founded by Michele Cros, Beauty Herbalist Artisan, who studied pharmacognosy of medicinal and aromatic plants and is specialized in ancient and medieval plant practices.

EKIA offers a complete range of certified Organic anti-aging products developed in collaboration with scientists from hospital of Besançon, France. Organic certified by Ecocert and Cosmebio, this line is crafted based on the belief that mature skin should not be considered as a skin type in itself, but as a whole composed of three different skin types, each one with its own specific needs. Created using carefully selected active and regenerative ingredients including and pure plant extracts from Amazonian forests. Made with respect for nature and the environment, EKIA has formulated skincare products adapted to the specific needs of mature skin.

FLORISENS is an invitation to a journey in personal discoveries, and to open yourself up to the world of well-being and the art of living. Choosing the very best ingredients and manufacturing techniques, this French-Japanese company offers innovative products respecting the ecology, as well as social, trade and cultural equality. Their products are both certified and innovative. Their incense are crafted using 100% natural ingredients. The 100% Natural logo guarantees: No solvents, preservatives, or synthetic substances. The company has also initiated a process of certification with I.C.E.A. (an independent, European, monitoring organisation) with the aim to extend this certification across the entire product range.

FOREST PEOPLE has the distinction of being the first French (well-being) cosmetic brand to deliver a range based on Organic and biodynamically grown vegetable oils and essential oils from around the world. This line is 100% Fair Trade and ecological, is crafted without water and is made with 100% authentic active ingredients. Organic certified by Nature and Progress, a certification standard which is the most demanding in France. FOREST PEOPLE has been a member of the French Platform for Fair Trade since 2000. Founder of the Coeur de Forêt, "Buy 1 Product = Plant 1 Tree" initiative.

Freshly prepared by HÉVÉA - A thoroughly natural concept. Drawing on its capacity for innovation, HÉVÉA from France offers the first ever collection of freshly prepared premium Organic cosmetics. The beauty products are all handmade, manufactured in small quantities using an exclusive process and each bearing the manufacturing date. It is this very manufacturing date that bears witness to the meticulous way in which their creations are produced, demonstrating their laboratory's true sense of craftsmanship. The HÉVÉA range embodies purity and authenticity, appealing to customers that look for perfection, social responsibility and a truly natural touch.

A creative collection of hand-printed textiles and accessories that stems from imaginary still-life nature, beautifully executed by designer KIRSTEN GILDER. Originally from London, she obtained a degree in Contemporary Applied Arts and is now based in Cumbria, UK. Her experience in fashion and costume design allows her to explores colours and patterns using traditional screen-printing on high quality materials. Items currently only available in-store, soon to be available online.

KONTEX has been crafting high-quality towels in Imabari, Japan since 1934. Each towel is made from fine, garment quality thread that’s loosely twisted for the highest level of softness. Such threads would break on modern machines, thus Kontex towels are gently woven on traditional, low-speed looms to maintain the integrity of the thread and achieve a level of softness that current machines cannot reproduce. Since towels are used against the skin, it’s imperative that no substances which could affect the body remain on the surface of the towel. Kontex products are carefully washed with large quantities of fresh spring water from the melted snow of Mt. Ishizuchi, ensuring every thread is free from impurities.

LAPUAN KANKURIT is a family business, established in 1917, hand-crafting Finnish quality linen that qualifies them as a member of Masters of Linen that guarantees excellence and 100% European traceability from plant to yarn to fabric. The successful products are owed to their use of the latest weaving techniques, top designers and professional staff, and responsible attitude towards the environment, people, nature and traditions. 

LES FLEURS DE BACH from France is the first line of fragrances based on the original group of healing flowers and herbs that were pioneered by Dr. Bach to enhance mood and well being. The Bach Flowers used in the manufacture of these fragrances are all certified Organic by Ecocert. LES FLEURS DE BACH products are all made using Bach’s original method with the best natural and organic ingredients. No colourant, GMO, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol or parabens. Not tested on animals.

NOHÈM, based out of France, is a certified Organic, Fair Trade skincare range that contains high concentrations of natural and Organic active ingredients. With two distinctive categories, NOHÈM blends the best kept Asian secrets for face protection with the most precious and rejuvenating ingredients from Egypt and Africa for body relaxation. Certified Organic and Fair Trade by Ecocert Greenlife. The company has also developed a massage protocol for each product to complete the application process. NOHÈM founded the Amisse Foundation which aims to support and improve working and living conditions in the African countries.

PATYKA, a Parisian certified Organic skin care range that has been formulated using the purest Organic plant extracts and that have been developed using leading edge bio-technology. Organic certified by Ecocert and Cosmobio, the company offers the following lines:

  • BIOKALIFTIN is a complete anti-age skin care line. The products in this exclusive, technical and innovative range have ultra high concentrations of active botanical ingredients to deliver a unique beauty experience and to provide remarkable results.
  • ABSOLIS is a holistic, sophisticated range of daily skin care products dedicated to enhancing the well being and beauty of the face and body.

PATYKA is an active member of the 1% For The Planet initiative that donates to organizations that support ecological projects.

PLANTE SYSTEM is a Natural and Organic Cosmetic dermatological laboratory located on the French Riviera that combines innovative textures, traditional use of herbs and natural fragrances from Grasse, to meet the stringent standards of the modern consumer.

From a desire to live a comfortable and healthy way of life, SASAWASHI products show a diligence in bringing the best characteristics of this unique fabric. What we take for granted today may become increasingly difficult tomorrow because of our changing environment and lifestyles. What is truly good is that which you will want to use for a lifetime. Their simple designs are a result of an emphasis on comfort and natural feeling while using their products. Strive to be better without changing. Their goal is dedication in creativity.

SENTEURS DU SUD is a line of certified Organic cosmetics that combines proven, traditional French techniques with a modern commitment to fair trade and sustainable farming.

STUDIO DITTE is a design agency based out of the Netherlands known for their distinctive concept development and product design. Founders Marieke Dirks, Natasja Heesbeen and Endry van Zwam create home accessories with uniquely playful patterns that add character, colour and happiness to any area of your home.

STUDIO 78 PARIS is a line of certified Organic, professional make-up that offers a modern, luxurious collection based on innovative ‘baked formula’ technology which eliminates the need for synthetics. Natural mineral pigments and pure Organic botanical oils deliver shimmery, long-lasting, modern colour that nourishes the skin and that is safe to use on even the most sensitive of skins.

Renowned for their pure design and attention to detail, SUNDAY IN BED (formerly known as Okha) will have you happily lazing away luxuriously wrapped in their modern, ultra-comfortable creations. Designed by Ina Solbach and produced in Germany, all items in this line delight in their simplicity and their commitment to premium natural fabrics. Crafted using delicate wovens and ultra-soft seasonal knits in a serene range of natural tones, this collection is perfect for enjoying some inspired relaxation. Items currently only available in-store, soon to be available online.

Over the last fifteen years, TADÉ PAYS DU LEVANT has developed an extensive plant and mineral based skincare range starting with their legendary olive and laurel oil Pail d’Alep which is a direct descendant of the original Aleppo soap. Ecologically conscious design, commitment to sustainable raw materials, respect for the expertise of artisans, and an embodiment of Hammam tradition remains at the heart of every product in the TADÉ PAYS DU LEVANT collection. All soaps are 100% natural and guaranteed to be without any chemical product or synthetic derivative. They are not tested on animals and are made in conformity with fair trade requirements.

TEK are renowned for their durable, all-natural, hypoallergenic brushes that are all handmade in Italy. By choosing to create brushes using only 100% natural wood handles and bristles, natural rubber antistatic cushions, and vegetal-based dyes, TEK demonstrates true committment to ecological preservation. All woods used by TEK come only from certified FSC sustainable forests to prevent uncontrolled deforestation.

UCHINO is a Japanese homeware label that has been producing ecological friendly towels since 1947. These light and soft towels are made exclusively from 100% Organic unbleached cotton using only natural dyes from herb and plant extracts. High absorption. Quick drying. Lightweight. Suitable for everyday use, newborn babies and travel.

ÜMIT ÜNAL is renowned for his unique, forward, conceptual fashion. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey he works with a small team of artists and craftspeople to develop collections that are distinguished by their high attention to detail and creative cuts. Currently only available in-store, soon to be available online.

ZVONKO PARIS offers ethical well-being for men with their line of certified Organic skin care products. All formulas are made from plants, sea or mineral products that are harvested sustainably from the UNESCO-protected Iroise Island Biosphere without disturbing the natural aquatic balance or biological diversity.

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